Pass the Cheeze Please… Or don’t.

Cheese – a dairy based food made with milk curds.

Have you ever heard yourself or someone say “I could never give up cheese”? That was me at the beginning. When I first began to read about the impacts of cheese to our body, I wanted to close the book. Devastated. That the ‘Got Milk?’ Ploy and the milk mustaches were really started because of the lack of truth behind milk being all that good for you.  Just false claims and the FDA turning their head to one of the largest money making industries.  I mean, that’s all it really comes down to I guess, money and taxes.  (As an accountant, I can honestly say that’s all it comes down to… taxes)

Food for thought: humans are the only species that drink another mammal’s milk. Not that we should still be drinking breast milk. But maybe we shouldn’t be eating dairy from our hormone-injected cows.

In other countries, milk is not a main dinner drink and their cows are not super-sized by shots. 2 things they have going for them. But instead, their milk can come in a cardboard box and doesn’t need to be refrigerated – which is why it is not a main source of calcium.

Back to milk and my health… Milk has been found to have a chemical, morphine, that is highly addictive, giving you a similar high and satisfaction that makes your mind feel as though it needs it on everything. Thinking about the substantial growth that comes from a calf drinking it’s mother’s milk – think about the impact of the milk on our small bodies. We’re not trying to go from 90-1,500 pounds. So then what super hormone growth did we just make our body intake only to allow inflammation? As the glands and the organs in our body inflame, our immune system suppresses down. And hence, our body’s become vulnerable to diseases, like cancer, chrone’s disease, diabetes and even ADD and ADHD.

So instead… Almond Milk (Baking, smoothies) – cancer concerns? Avoid ALL nuts… including almond milk.  Coconut milk, Rice Milk (makes cereal taste like cake), and the limited-use of soy milk (only in coffee).


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